Date: October 26, 2001

Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim

Members Present: Ray Hernandez, Alicia Ramirez, Terry Cornelius, Ofelia Ochoa-Morris, Pat Stroh, Patricia Dash, Tony Colon, John Meier, Siddiq Kilkenny, Lucia Palacios

Guests: Jean Childs, Mike Rastigue, Sheri Lewis & Tracy Dela Riva from USI

Staff: Edward Condon

Called to Order Meeting called to order at 1:10 p.m.Approval of Minutes from 8/17/01No changes. John adds commendation to secretary for her excellent preparation of minutes. Sandy motions, John seconded.
President's Report Names for Collaborative Committees have been forwarded and accepted by Mike Zito
  1. Election Process February 1, 2002 - web site applications due. February 15, 2002 - Confirmation of slots.March 1, 2002 - Ballots out to all members. Candidates will be confirmed as to their good standing. March 31, 2002 - Ballots will be due April 23, 2002 - Officers will be announced June Membership Meeting - New officers take over Need to address by-laws in the future to look at dates. Need a way to secure ballots, some kind of coding.Ed will review credit cards for association expenses and for Office Depot. Lucia will forward procurement policies from USC to use as guidelines.
  2. Executive Committee will host VIP luncheon - Ray, Alicia and Tricia will coordinate.
  3. Region IX Board met Tuesday, Board received handout regarding seamless plan. Ray will approach Judi Smith to represent State Associates
Corporate Partnerships

    Board received handouts regarding resources available to Head Start agencies through USI. Ed will draft a letter from the Board to all grantees making them aware of all the changes in insurance rates, votes, and how USI can help. Will also be made available on web site.Crosspro -technology based- would like us to assist marketing to teachers and parents. CHSA would receive benefits, Board reviewed handout.

Committee Reports
  1. Strategic Plan UpdatesReview of Goals. Board received handout of monitoring chart and discussed updates. Attachments will be included with minutes.
  2. Membership Will motion that board re-consider membership dues to; 1m - 150, 2m - 300, 5m - 500, 10m - 750. Eighteen month period. Tricia seconded, motion carried.
  3. Public Policy No report. Alan no longer with PACE, therefore, is not able to chair. Committee seeking new chair.
  4. Fund Development Currently off track due to conference preparation. Increase effectiveness. Ed reported. See update on plan. Next steps - see handout.
  5. Marking/ VisibilitySiddig Kilkenny presents.
Desired ResultsTraining

    Ed provided copy of results of training. Board received handout. CHSA Should receive handout. CHSA should receive approximately $14,000 as a result. Direct Access ProjectEd reported in meeting regarding child outcomes - Special Ed group looking at making DRDT more comprehensive to be able to capture accurate information. Head Start programs are seen as an excellent way to pilot tool.

Development Association /QIC update

    Jean Childs handed out new brochure and thanked the Board for the third party agreement. Board reviewed handout of matrix for Regional Coordination Council activities.

2002Conference Update

    Budget will be mailed to Board members. Newsletter out with schedule at a glance. Conference is affordable. Ed needs help to encourage No. California programs. Invitation to exhibitors has gone out. 25 booths available.Invitation to presenters sent. Thanks go out to N.H.A. Cluster 1 for all their hard work.

Treasure's Report

    Alicia presented budget report and our projected profit for conference early enough in the year to scale back if necessary.

    Pat motioned to approve draft budget. 7-1-01 - 6-30-02 Alicia seconded, motion approved.

Executive Director's Report

    Board received report. December meeting is cancelled. Executive Committee will attend December 12th conference committee meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 5:20 pm.