Date: 8/17/01
Rosin Court, Sacramento

Members Present Tracy Tomasky, Sheila Neil, Pat Stroh, John Meier, Norma Johnson, Judie Smith, Siddiq Kilkenny, Ed Condon, Staff Member; Terry Cornelius, Dev. Assoc. Rep.; Mike Zito, State Collaboration office; Mary Ann Walker, QIC-DS.
Called to Order Meeting called to order at 9 a.m.
Approval of Minutes Two changes, spelling of Neal and CHSSCO update - Department of Developmental Services not State Department of Education.

John moved to approve, Siddiq seconded.

Executive Committee Report

Norma reviewed the Executive Committee Conference Call. The main points were:

  • Administrative Assistant job description approved
  • Calendar was reviewed and approved
  • Third Party Agreement with Developmental Associates - 2001/02 contract is $46,000.
Old Business

3rd Party Agreement & Outcome Trainings

  • Quarterly billing has been paid. The agreement was reviewed. We will continue to do round tables. One fiscal, one summit on Prop. 10 dollars to Head Start. We’ll also continue training on "Outcomes."
  • Norma reported that CHSA and the State Collaboration could get together to discuss the definition and implication of kindergarten readiness. Norma suggested we connect with CCDA, CAEYC to draft a letter sharing the fact that we have an assessment tool. The letter would go to the Governor. Ed will draft the letter (follow-up with Theresa Garcia to inform her also) with CCDA and CAEYC if they are willing. The letter will be "For Your Information" about the current assessment tool. Ed will send the draft to Board Members via e-mail.
  • Pat recommended a change in the Draft agreement: Change the wording to read "collaborating to maximize Prop. 10 and Head Start Dollars" rather than "Drawing Prop. 10 Dollars." Judie moved to approve, Pat seconded to accept the third party agreement. Unanimously approved.
  • The DRDP+ Assessment tool was accepted by ACF and Region IX. CDD training will be provided throughout the State. Training will be for trainers of teachers done by SETA and delegate staff. Recommended dates were given for Sacramento, San Ramon, Fresno, Riverside, and Long Beach. Developmental Associates will pay for the printing of the tool, and ACF will pay for air and hotel. State Collaboration will help with the logistics for the training. San Ramon chose September 28.
  • Norma recommended that all programs use the tool even if they don’t have State Funded programs to be able to meet all mandates.
  • Ed and Norma will work with Terry to coordinate the dates.
  • Terry reported that Development Associates is focusing their training on what programs can do once they have the data from the assessment.
  • Norma mentioned that she has contracted with Scantron to analyze the data from the assessment. It is available to delegates with under 1000 enrollment.
Conference Committee Report
  • Ed shared that about 14 enthusiastic committee members met in Riverside.
  • Kudos to John and Barbara for their leadership on this committee. Ed proposed January 22-24, 2003, in Sacramento, Jan. 28-30, 2002 in San Jose or February 10-13 in Santa Clara.
  • The schedule is set and Ed is confirming keynote speakers. Yolanda King has been scheduled.
  • Leadership Day is on Tuesday. The target is 300, but current registrations reflect that we will exceed 300. Yvonne Randle is the keynote speaker. Ed will secure.
  • Mike suggested we invite State Facilities to do a workshop. He will connect with Ed for the contact.
  • Norma suggest we pursue Ruby Payne as a speaker for the Leadership Day.
  • Ed is collaborating with Mavne from the California/Nevada Indian HS Director Association to possibly offer training during the Leadership Day.
  • Ed presented the budget for the conference.
  • Awards - all nominations from California will be recognized at the conference. There was a date change from Mary Dana. She moved it from October 1 to September 1. Ed will followup with Mary for clarification.
ACT Travel Services Proposal Budget
  • Delegates can make arrangements directly or through ACT Travel. CHSA gets one free ticket for every 35 booked on Southwest. Approval for salary to hire new administrative assistants. Salary item in the budget. Motion is pending per approval from Shasta.
  • Pat moved to approve, John seconded. Motion carried, one abstention.
  • Formal approval of the budget will be tabled until the next meeting to include Alicia and Kim Peck.
Advocacy Ad Hoc Task Force
  • Ed suggested that Ray establish an Ad Hoc Committee to implement a strategy to respond to the USDOE and USDHHS task force to translate research on learning readiness to improve preschool programs.
  • A discussion took place regarding the pitfalls of having HS move to DOE. DOE, other than limited Title 1, does not have experience with providing preschool.
  • Ed commented that while anecdotal information is important, we need facts and figures about comprehensive services and the major impact they have on children.
  • The Ad Hoc Committee would convene to strategize how we can support other agencies, i.e., position paper. The response should also be shared with NHSA.
  • Ray will check with Yolanda Garcia to chair. Shiela, Norma, John, Mary Ann will be on the committee.
  • A motion made to have Ed establish an Ad Hoc Committee to convene immediately to develop a proactive response.
  • Shiela moved to approve, Pat seconded. Passed unanimously.
  • Amended to have a time line of October 15 for the prepared response.
  • Mike reported that the Desired Results-HS outcomes work group finished their task.
  • CHSSCO is contracting with the American Institutes for Research for a side-by-side comparison of the new State and Federal program monitoring processes.
  • CHSSCO facilitated a conference call on California tribal issues relating to collaboration on 8/16/01. They brainstormed future activities.
  • MOU between the State Department of Developmental Services, Part C lead agency that administers Early Start and Region IX for EHS has been signed by all except the tribal representative.
  • CHSSCO is the planning council for the annual Even Start Family Literacy Conference.
  • The next Bridges focuses on professional growth and developmental resource information for early ed. program and teachers.
  • Next CHSSCO Advisory Committee meeting will be held in Sacramento on September 28.
  • October 4 Head Start will make a presentation to CDPAC.
  • LEA’s from north and south will participate to balance geography and service delivery options. Panel discussion and possible presenters from outside Head Start to present another viewpoint.
Committee Reports Public Policy
  • Alan will forward e-mails for articles that come out, etc. He is working on the position paper for USDOE/USHHS. Ed will talk to him about joining the Ad Hoc Committee

Fund Development

  • Barbara will address this primarily in the 4th quarter.


  • Judy reported our membership year is off track for National Membership. Our memberships numbers are down from last year. We need to decide if we should have a 6-month or 18-month membership to get in line.
  • Norma moved to charge an 18-month fee in January so in July 2003, we will be on the same page. Siddiq seconded. Motion passed.
  • Motion made to use the same as NHSA sliding scale:
  • Over 10 million = $1,200 Annual HS/EHS
  • Over 5 million = $ 900
  • Over 2 million = $ 200
  • Over 1 million = $ 100
  • Shiela moved to approve, Judy seconded. Motion carried.
  • The committee will be sending out a survey to agencies to gather more information about what it means to be a member (what the Association should look like).
  • Discussion regarding creating an umbrella fee that would include National/Regional/State
  • Individual memberships remain the same.
  • All clusters but two are represented. Ray is working on the other two. A booth will be staffed for the Region IX Conference.
  • They are working on a plan about how to market our Association to the HS community.
  • Ed mentioned that the data base is being compiled.
Next Meeting Schedule: September 15, 2000 ~ 9:45 am to 2:45 pm at Rosin Ct.
Meeting Adjourned at 3:00 pm
Minutes submitted by: Tracy Tomasky, CHSA Secretary
April 2001 Minutes
September 2000 Minutes