Date: January 16, 2002
San Diego, CA
Members Present John Meier, Siddiq Kilkenny, Michael Zito, Wassy Tesfa, Tony Garcia, Ricardo Tellez, Ofelia Ochoa-Morris, Sheila Neil, Judie Smith, Terry Cornelius, Barbara Fielding, Norma Johnson, Patricia Dash, Ray Hernandez

Guests: Jean Childs, Elvia Rodriguez, Pat Stroh, Tony Colon, Frank Lorah, Mary Dana, Paula Russell

Staff: Edward Condon, Kim Peck, Paula Carrino.

Called to Order Meeting called to order at 5:25 p.m.
Review of Agenda
DRDP+ Norma
Provided update regarding the 5 training sessions provided by Developmental Associates - See handout for financial report.
Financial Report - Kim Peck
Refer to handout.
Winter Newsletter - Ed Condon
Association requesting information for print in February (2/5/02, last day for article). Will have updates on changes in Head Start Bureau.
Events for 2002 - Ed Condon
See handout for dates through 6/02. Will need to adjust dates for April advocacy day and Board meeting. Ed will revise and send new memo.
Conference 2003
Ed Condon - Contracts signed at Sheraton Grand in Sacramento.
Conference 2004
Ed is working on location in bay area
  • Thanks to Barbara Fielding and NHA.
  • Great American Insurance Association will be sponsoring a reception Friday night at NHA
  • All Cluster members rallied to make the conference a success.
  • Talent show will be held at NHA on Saturday night. Buses will be available at 5:00 p.m.
  • Sea World and Wild Animal Park are offering discounts and free tickets for “Behind the Scene” tours
  • 1,500 Paid members - exhibitors, 280 Participants for leadership day, 1,300 Friday only, 750 Saturday / Sunday only

Request that Board members be present at registration table Thursday and Friday to meet and greetShould have approximately 40,000 net income.

Membership Committee
Judy Smith thanked committee for their support. Form was unclear and we received more individual memberships as opposed to grantee memberships. See membership roster in Board packet.
Conference membership has not been counted yet. Committee will be following up with non-members. Requested that all Board members also encourage one colleague to join.
Election Process - RayHernandez
Board received handout describing process with time lines and candidate application form.
  • Bylaws stipulate candidates per office as opposed to team slate
  • Ballots will be numbered
  • What is “member in good standing” - assumption is a fully paid individual member for the current year who fits into one of the existing categories.
  • Norma poses question, to achieve board consensus - consensus achieved.
Strategic Plan Update
Ad Hoc Committee on advocacy - tabled to next Board meeting. Ed will be attending the Presidents meeting next month. Fund Development tabled until next Board meeting.
Marketing / Visibility
Will meet Friday during conference at 1:30 pm
Liaison Update
HS QIC - Jean Childs, Pleased with the contract. Associates very involved.
CDD - Mike Zito, See handout. Working on MOU between State Early Start and Early Head Start. Mike will be working with Federal Collaborative office to review measurable outcomes to monitor the program of the Collaborative office. Would like five names of people to volunteer.
Regional Coordinator Council - Pat Stroh, See handout
Requesting $2500.00 from each associate to host reception. Board will approve to give $5000.00, vote to be taken at next meeting.
Executive Director Report
See handout
Ray thanked Ed for his conscientious support, vision and direction that he has provided over the past and present.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:45
Ricardo motioned, Sheila seconded.