Date: 4/26/01

Oakland, Marriott

Members Present: Ray Hernandez, Tracy Tomasky, Sheila Neal, Pat Stroh, Allen Guttman, Pat Braun, Barbara Fielding, Siddiq Kilkenny, Ofelia Ochoa-Morris, Patricia Dash, John Meier, Tony Colon, Annie Chisley, Judy Smith, Jaleh Hadian.

Ed Condon - Staff Member, Terry Cornelius - Dev. Assoc. Rep., Mike Zito - State Collaboration Office.

Called to Order Meeting called to order at 4:13 p.m.
Approval of Minutes Trish moved to approve minutes, Annie seconded, approved. Quorum established.
President's Report
  • Ray and Ed are discussing who needs to be involved in the conference planning.
  • Ray and Ed presented a workshop at the CAEYC Conference.
Conference Report
  • Ed and Barbara reviewed the Conference Planning Report.
  • Conference committees were separated out between the state office, staff and the chair, Cluster 1, CHSA Board.
  • Tony recommended that we talk with the organizers of the CAEYC Conference since it was recently held at the same location. They will be able to share what went well and what didn't.
  • Barbara will convene a committee and meeting with the individuals from the south in hopes to increase support and attendance from southern clusters at the conference.
  • Jaleh suggested that we look at connecting with Region IX since our conferences and meetings compete with each other. Board members discussed several issues dealing with having a joint conference. Tony suggested we set aside time to discuss the issues about our conference at the strategic planning meeting.
  • Ed discussed the options for speakers and the conference schedule. Barbara mentioned that the schedule presented is a framework and there is a meeting scheduled on May 24 to further develop the schedule.
  • A suggestion was made to consider Hanoch McCarty as a speaker.
General Membership Meeting
  • Ed confirmed that congressman Adam Schiff will be attending the meeting.
  • Assembly Member Fran Pavely is also confirmed to be at the meeting.
  • Ed is confident we will meet our participation target and cap out at 150.
  • Tony suggested we sort out the programs who oparate Head Start and State programs and send them more details on the outcomes training. Mike Zito has the list.
  • Alan suggested we carry the political involvement which is happening at the general membership meeting to our conference.
  • Ed needs six staff to volunteer to help with greeting etc. Trish volunteered two. Ed will follow up with Trish.
  • Ed mentioned that we are supporters of AB933. We are listed on the CDPI web site.
  • Advocacy date and time changed to June 28 at 1:30.
  • Ed suggested we dialogue with the School Readiness Initiative members and Kerry Mazzoni to make sure Head Start is included in the planning.
  • Tony will call Cruz Bustamonte's office to connect CHSA early on in planning for the Prop 10 proposal to begin programs that mirror Head Start.
  • Ed will send a reminder memo to members about the board meeting in June. The date is June 27.
Advocacy (continued)
  • Ed suggested we look at taking a position on S18 and HR 265 - Right Start Act of 2001.
  • Tony suggested we discuss our strategy to address legislation around welfare reform.
  • Ed provided information on helping our parents become more familiar with advocacy.
  • Ed asked members to review the draft re: keeping Head Start in HHS rather than Dept. of Education

Suggestions made include:

  • Family partnering
  • Community partnering
  • Elaborate on what comp. services are
  • Early Head Start bonding and attachment issues
  • Emphasis on the comprehensiveness that goes beyond child outcomes - Ed asked for sub committee to help draft a letter.
  • Ed reviewed AB106 and SB541.
  • John moved to support AB106, Ofelia seconded, motion carried.
  • Trish moved to continue sending On the Capitol Doorstep, Shiela seconded, motion carried.
TPA/DA/QIC Updates
  • Outcomes training - Terry reported that one result was that directors left with a tool to assess their program. A training is planned in the fall for the north.
  • Santa Barbara roundtable was on collaboration. It went well. Three more are planned.
  • State collaboration office is working with SETA on Desired Results/Outcomes - an addendum will be created to work in co-located programs.
  • A question was asked about using the C.O.R. in place of desired results. Mike said that the state wants one tool, so they will be able to collect data across the state.
  • Mike discussed the letter from Kathy Lewis and Sharon Fuji re: funds available.
  • Discussion re: #2 meeting requirements of both state and federal mandates equally for co-location programs. This dialogue will be brought up at our June board meeting. One hour will be allotted for Mike and members of the collaboration work group.
  • Mike handed out information on funds available - due May 11.
  • Another issue of bridges has gone to print re: professional growth.
Strategic Planning Agenda
  • Ed handed out the framework for the agenda for the planning retreat. Members were asked to read the material given ahead of time before the meeting.
Liaison Reports
  • Ed reported that Mary Ann Doan feels that children with special needs are under represented.
  • Jean Childs suggested we look at how national initiatives, i.e., T&TA and the uniqueness of CA relate.
Adjournment 8:10 p.m.

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