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How to send the Governor an e-letter

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  • Scroll down to where it says "Email the Governor"
  • Provide your first & last name and email
  • For PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR SUBJECT, type O – OTHER should pop right up
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Sample letter

AB 2652 – Pro
Dear Governor Brown:

The mission of Head Start is help poor families break the cycle of poverty. In California, we serve over 100, 000 qualifying children and their families. The Universal Service Fund Lifeline program was created to help poor families cross the digital divide. These families rarely can afford the tech devices many of us take for granted, and often don’t have access to home computers or tablets. But they need access to the internet – just like the rest of us, who rely on the internet for a wide range of information, services and support.

The program in California could be more efficient to administer and easier for poor families to access. Families must re-qualify every year. Currently that process is done via U.S. mail. Families in poverty often move frequently, so mail to these families can go undelivered. AB 2652 makes simple but meaningful changes that will give more families access to this benefit. Key elements of the bill require the Public Utilities Commission to:

  • Create online portals for family applications.
  • Create an option for interactive voice response systems for family re-certification.
  • Encourage lifeline service providers to work with community-based organizations, and other nonprofit organizations to increase participation in the lifeline program by assisting those providers with outreach, marketing, and enrollment.


These changes will help increase California LifeLine adoption rates, make it easier for families in poverty to sign up and renew, and increase efficiency for program administration.

I urge you to sign AB 2652 into law.

Thank You.

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