Call for Letters - AB-2626

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There are three bills you can add your voice to:

How to send the Governor an e-letter

  • Copy the sample letter below for the bill you wish to comment on
  • Go to the “Contact the Governor” page
  • Scroll down to where it says "Email the Governor"
  • Provide your first & last name and email
  • For PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR SUBJECT, type O – OTHER should pop right up
  • Click Continue – it  will open up an email form
  • Click Pro
  • Type the bill # in the subject line (if it is not listed in the very long drop down menu)
  • Paste the sample letter  (or type your own)
  • Click Send


Sample letter

AB 2626 – Pro
Dear Governor Brown:

I urge you to support and sign AB 2626 (Mullin), which ensures more families have access to subsidized child care and early learning throughout the state. Child care providers are finding it increasingly difficult to earn their contract funds due to low eligibility thresholds, age restrictions of children they can enroll, program quality requirements and low reimbursement rates. At the same time, millions of young children and less than 14 percent of eligible infants and toddlers have access to subsidized care in our great state. The changes proposed in AB 2626 will allow counties across the state to serve more families in subsidized child care and quality early learning.

For these reasons, I ask that you please sign AB 2626.


Call for Letters

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