$2 Per Child Campaign

The $2 Per Child Campaign was created to raise the funds needed to support advocacy by the California and National Head Start Associations, on behalf of at risk children and families. For every $2 collected, one dollar goes to CHSA advocacy and one dollar goes to NHSA advocacy.

Federal restrictions limit what funds can support this work. Not a single dollar of federal funds is spent on our advocacy work. Voluntary contributions are a critical source of our advocacy support.

Millions of American children are living in poverty and are in desperate need of the opportunity for success that Head Start and Early Head Start offer. CHSA and NHSA's advocacy efforts raise awareness of their need and help to keep the window open to more and more children.

It is up to Head Start parents and programs to find ways to raise these dollars to represent the children in their individual programs. It is our hope that this toolkit will provide all Head Start programs resources and information to create their own $2 Per Child Campaign. Thanks for your support for this critical work.