2016 CHSA Annual Conference Presentations

February 23 - 25, 2016

Tuesday, Feb. 23
Public Policy Breakfast

Eduardo Aguilar, Education Policy Associate, Children Now - Handout
Pamm Shaw, Board President, California Head Start Association - Handout | Handout 2
Keesha Woods, Division Director, Head Start & State Programs, LACOE - Handout
Rick Mockler, Executive Director, California Head Start Association - Handout

Opening Keynote: Roxanne Ocampo - Handout
Regional Office Update - Jan Len - Handout

Tuesday Workshops

3 Keys to Showing You Care - Handout Tate Lounsbery
Child Supervision and Beyond! - Handout | Handout 2 | Handout 3 | Handout 4 | Handout 5 | Handout 6 | Handout 7 | Handout 8 | Handout 9 | Handout 10 | Handout 11 | Handout 12 | Handout 13 | Handout 14 | Handout 15 | Handout 16 Tessa Buell
Collaborative Assessment for the DRDP (2015) - Handout | Handout 2 | Handout 3 | Handout 4 | Handout 5 | Handout 6 | Handout 7 | Handout 8 | Handout 9 Patty Salcedo
Conversation with Region 9 Office of Head Start on Monitoring, Program Planning and Regional Trends - Handout Jan Len
Creating Sustainable Systems for Successful Transitions to Kindergarten Laura Landis
DRDP (2015) Reports: How to Read and Use the Data for Children With IFSPs and IEPs - Handout | Handout 2 | Handout 3 Elizabeth Schroeder
Enriching Early Childhood Through Family Engagement - Handout Marianne Kelley
Hands-On Math for Fun Gina Davenport
Healthy Kids Make Good Learners: Coverage Tools and Health Care Changes in 2016 - Handout | Handout 2 | Handout 3 Maria Romero-Mora
Infusing a Reflective Practice Approach to Staff PD to Promote a Culture of Mindfulness - Handout | Handout 2 | Handout 3 | Handout 4 Kathleen Sadao, Ed.D.
Integrating Science and Math into the Classroom Marilyn Hokanson
Introduction to Teachers Learning and Collaborating (TLC) Laura Landis
Learn the Signs - Act Early - Handout Fran Goldfarb
The One-Minute Temper Tantrum Solution - Handout Ronald Mah
The Teaching Pyramid Framework for Supporting Social Emotional Competence in Young Children Craig Zercher
Using Ongoing Child Assessment Data to Adjust Teaching Lora Hunter

Wednesday - Workshops

“Ready or Not, Here I Come”…Measuring School Readiness Christine Rodriguez
A Great Place to Work - Handout Jeanne Veich
Are You Providing High Quality Services in EnvHS? Compliance is Not Enough! - Handout Freda Carter
Catch Bullying Behavior Before It Begins - Handout Suzanne Mulcahy
Conversation with EHS-CCP Grantees Rick Mockler
Demonstrating Impact with the Ready4School Kindergarten Readiness Screening Tool - Handout Prashant Rajvaidya
Designer’s Challenge - Handout | Handout 2 | Handout 3 Shalek Chappill-Nichols
Effective PFCE is the Path to Lifelong School Readiness - Handout Joseph Prologo
EHS-CC Partnership: Building Strong Collaborations for Program Success - Handout Monique Liebhard
Engaging & Connecting Through Dance: A Professional Development Partnership Between Luna Dance Institute & Alameda Family Services - Handout Patricia Reedy
Enhance Kids’ Self-Regulation & Learning With Brain Games & Self-Care - Handout Leah Kalish, MA
Family Engagement Outcomes & CLASS Tracking With ChildPlus.net Carolyn Heyliger-Graham
Frameworks, Standards, Assessments...Oh My! - Handout | Handout 2 | Handout 3 | Handout 4 | Handout 5 Randi Hopper
Homelessness Brenda Dowdy

Intentional Teaching with CLASS: Develop Children’s Language and Thinking Skills Through CLASS and Through In-depth Project Work - Handout

John Gunnarson
KIDS' OWN WISDOM: Valid Challenges + SOARR-ing Questions + Collaborative Analysis = Win-Win Results - Handout Nini White
Leading Focused Conversations With Families to Complete the DRDP (2015) - Handout | Handout 2 Larry Edelman
Lil Mathematicians Workstations - Handout Shalek Chappill-Nichols
Linking the DRDP (2015) to Instruction and Supports: Embedded Instruction for Early Learning - Handout Patricia Snyder
Navigating the Gray: Community Care Licensing Update - Handout | Handout 2 Stephanie Myers
Practices for Designing Supportive Environments for Promoting Social Emotional Competencies with 3 Year Olds Victoria Vladmir
Professional Development for Your Teachers Starting With CLASS: Improve Quality, Raise Your CLASS Scores, Achieve Excellence - Handout John Gunnarson
Quality Learning Environments for Supporting Education Teams with Active Supervision Victoria Vladmir
Required Healthy Schools Act Training - Handout | Handout 2 | Handout 3 Belinda Messenger
Student Recruitment: Challenges and Opportunities Victor Hernandez
Teacher Strategies for Individualized Lesson Plans Through Developmental Assessment Data, Curriculum, and Frameworks - Handout Alfonso Rodriguez, Ph.D.
The Bedrocks & Pillars of School Readiness Shawn Bryant
Understanding Early Childhood Anxiety Natalie James
Warm Handoffs and Partnering Opportunities Between California Home Visiting Program With Early Head Start/Head Start - Handout | Handout 2 Ameera Kidane
We Strive…Families Thrive- Strengthening Family Services Data Christine Rodriguez
What is Natural Learning? Mark Baker
Your Trauma is My Trauma: Secondary Traumatic Stress - Handout Dr. Sherrie Segovia
Thursday Feb.25 - Closing Keynote: Dr. Nicoline Ambe - Handout

Thursday Workshops

Cognition & STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - Handout Marianne Kelley .
Collaborating With Parents to Implement Obesity Prevention Best Practices at Home - Handout Andrea Giese
Enhancing Positive Parent-Child Interactions Through the Use of Positive Discipline Krischa Esquivel
Everything You Need to Know About Inclusion: Resources at Your Fingertips - Handout Cindy Arstein-Kerslake
Giggles & Wiggles! It's Circle Time! - Handout Sharron Krull
Innovative Programs & Partnerships @ Your Library - Handout | Handout 2 Sara Hathaway
Instructional Learning Formats: The Key to Improving Instructional Support Heather Eltringham
Male Involvement Programs: Fathers as Partners in Education of Children Tom Grayson
New Techniques to Measure and Analyze Family Strengths and Needs Stuart Jones
Ready Set GO! DRDP 2015 Jean Walech
Staff and Family Wellness - Reducing Your Stress Level - Handout Karina Loza
The Accessibility of the DRDP (2015): Universal Design and the System of Adaptations - Handout | Handout 2 | Handout 3 | Handout 4 | Handout 5 Anne Kuschner
Using Manipulatives to Promote STEAM in the ECE Classroom Linda Kahrs
We have the Tools and the Talent: The Early Learning Outcomes Framework and the Family Engagment Outcomes Framework - Handout Christine Slaymaker
Web-Based Resources for Supporting Parents - Handout Cammy Purper
Mission Statement

The California Head Start Association is the unified voice providing leadership and advocacy for the Head Start community.

Vision Statement

The California Head Start Association will be an important strategic partner representing Head Start interests in California and the nation.

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