Monday, May 20 - Pre-Institute Sessions
Hearing Screening for Preschoolers

EHS Hearing and Vision Screening

Tuesday, May 21 & Wednesday, May 22 - Health Institute Strands

Strand 1: Understanding the Health Regulations in Head Start: Putting It All Together

Strand 2: New Ways to Communicate Health with Families

Strand 3: Understanding Influences on Mental Health for the Head Start and Early Head Start Learner

Strand 4: Combining Management Systems including Monitoring, Trackng, and Follow-up to Support Health Services

Strand 5: So Many Health Conditions: What's a Health Manager to Do?

Mission Statement

The California Head Start Association is the unified voice providing leadership and advocacy for the Head Start community.

Vision Statement

The California Head Start Association will be an important strategic partner representing Head Start interests in California and the nation.