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Why Parents Should Continue to Vaccinate their Kids   Aug 2017 It’s flu season. Have you had your shot? Kaiser Permanente research scientist Nicola Klein studies the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Here’s what she tells parents who ask her about it.Click here to read the short article.

Stethoscope How the House Tax Bill will affect poor families   Nov 2017  According to a November 8 post by the California Budget & Policy Center, the House tax bill benefits the wealthiest Americans, fails to address deeper problems in the tax framework, and will be particularly hard on California residents. Read the post here. [California Budget and Policy Center provides fact-based, nonpartisan analyses of state fiscal and tax policies and their implications for all Californians, with a special focus on their impact on low- and middle-income individuals.]
Stethoscope Resources for Parents and Families California’s Department of Education (CDE) provides a rich list resource links for parents about early childhood education. Click here.


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