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K-12 districts and County Offices of Education are required to meet with stakeholders regarding district planning and budget. Use Children Now's guide to get involved with your local LEA. Meet with your district board members and superintendent to share your story about the impact of early learning and the opportunity LCFF offers for them to invest in early childhood.

Ch1ldren Now's LCFF Engagement Guide

CHSA reaction to Gov. Brown's budget proposal

On January 10, Governor Brown’s budget proposal was released. The last 72 hours have seen a lot of quick analysis with a wide range of early childhood care and education agencies and advocates adding their voice to the reaction.

There seems to be agreement across the field that the Federal landscape is uncertain, and caution in the face of decreasing state revenue seems prudent. Yet:
• There is tremendous unmet need – thousands of children in poverty don’t have access to quality care.
• Current funding levels are still below pre-recession levels.
• Research has told us: investing in early childhood education and care is good for children, families, the workforce and the economy.

We must break free of boom and bust budgeting, and develop funding for early childhood investment that is sufficient, sustainable, and guaranteed. The California Head Start Association joins the early childhood community in encouraging Governor Brown and state legislators to protect - and invest in - the most vulnerable members of California: infants and children.” - Christopher Maricle, Executive Director

Year-to-Year 2017-18 January Proposed Budget

New Head Start Performance Standards

On Thursday September 1, the Office of Head Start released the New Head Start Performance Standards. The document is long; and it is a lot to digest. But its intent seems clear: “… to capitalize on the advancements in research, available data, program input, public comment, and these recommendations in order to accomplish the critical goal of helping Head Start reach its full potential so more children reach kindergarten ready to succeed.” That is a noble goal – and one to which the entire Head Start community has always aspired. Aligning current programs to these new standards will take time. But if it leads to better outcomes form more children and families, it will be time well spent. Learn more here

SB 792 Vaccination resources

Many Head Start grantees have requested assistance with resources and information regarding Senate Bill 792 vaccination requirements. CHSA - with the assistance of California Head Start State Collaboration Office – has gathered some resources to help local agencies with this requirement. Learn more on CHSA’s Policies and Updates page under “Licensing.”

New Child Care Licensing Resources

The Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) of the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has developed more than forty videos – each just a few minutes in length. These well-designed videos address a wide range of topics and are organized into three sections: Parents and Families, Child Care Providers, and Child Care Center Operators. These videos are informational, educational and are an excellent training tool for new employees and a refresher for current employees. For an easy online learning experience on Child Care Licensing, grab some popcorn and go to